My journey to better health and wellness began when I was quite young but, really accelerated when I lost my father prematurely (age 67) to a stroke caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. I did not know that the diet I grew up eating could be considered unhealthy. Sure the fried foods and organ meats that we ate were quite tasty but not the most nutritious. My first real taste of vegetarian food was while dinning at the Moosewood Restaurant in New York in the early 1990’s. I enjoyed that meatless dinner so much that I bought the vegetarian cook book “Sundays at Moosewood Restaurant” and began to prepare and eat a more plant based diet.

To become healthier in other ways I had to change some of my other old habits. I began practicing yoga about seven years ago and added palates, and walking to improve the health of my body. Once I made these changes there seemed to be a natural desire to learn about meditation and calming my mind. I found a great book “The Art of Meditation” by Joel S. Goldsmith and began to practice meditation and trying to live in the moment.

I have always enjoyed reading and am an active participant in a monthly literary discussion group. The public library is a place where I am able to give back to the community by volunteering regularly. Music is another interest of mine and jazz is the genre that I enjoy the most whether I’m listening to it or attending a concert. Retirement has provided more time for these interest as well as many others. My active membership with African Americans for Balanced Health has provided a great support group and knowledge that has aided me in my continued choice of living a healthy lifestyle.

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