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The mission of African-Americans for Balanced Health (AABH) is to provide education, inspiration and support to the African-American community and others who want to learn about alternative (natural) methods for preventing, treating and healing diseases of the body and mind; to teach individuals how to create harmony and balance in one’s life; and, to decrease the illness and death rates of African-Americans in the United States.


  • To continue hosting monthly seminars which provide education to the community relative to improving eating and thinking habits for the purpose of preventing and minimizing/eliminating the symptoms of many diseases

  • To become a community group that provides support and education related to making significant “lifestyle changes” for improving the qualify of the health and life for African-Americans who are dying at disproportionately higher rates than any other ethnic group in this country

  • To teach children how to be healthy and parents how to be role models for their children thereby reducing the childhood obesity rate in the State/Country

  • To host Holistic Conferences in an effort to reach large audiences and to encourage them to utilize forums (such as those described above) and other opportunities as provided by AABH.

  • Provide business opportunities to the African-American community by developing their knowledge of health/nutrition and business and presenting opportunites for self-employment in the health field

  • To expand beyond California and establish AABH Chapters nationwide 

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