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African Americans for Balanced Health (AABH) was founded in Sacramento, CA. in 1996 by Sabrina Hocker, and Bobbyie Waters. The birth of this organization came from their enthusiasm about wholistic health while conquering their own health issues. They gained a tremendous amount of knowledge by reading, studying and consulting with a Naturopathic Doctor. They experienced such amazing results in a short period of time that they had to share this valuable information with family, friends and the community.

They started meeting as a small support group in Sabrina’s living room and within a year,outgrew her space and began meeting at a larger site. The organization eventually began hosting monthly seminars with expert presenters, field trips, hosting workshops and health conferences with achieved celebrities.

Today, AABH is still going strong; they have established a Board of Directors, which oversees numerous activities ( as outlined above). AABH have built relationships with some of the best world-renowned African American Naturopathic Practitioners of today; for example, Dr. Llaila O. Afrika, Dr. Paul Goss, Dr. Sebi, Queen Afua, to name a few.

AABH is known for its uniqueness and is unlike any other holistic health organization in the country.

AABH exists to be a source of encouragement and support to people seeking a journey of wellness and healing. We are passionately committed to our mission of being advocators for natural health.

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