My first introduction to holistic health was 34 years ago when I read two very powerful books; one of which was Dick Gregory’s “Natural Diet for Folks Who Eat” and “The Mucusless Diet Healing System” by Professor Arnold Ehret. Upon reading these books, I was highly motivated and wanted to experience the level of health that I had read about. I worked my way up to a 21-day water fast (detoxification) and afterwards changed my eating habits. Years later I became a member of African Americans for Balanced Health and immediately got involved. I was pleased to discover this support group and no longer did I have to pursue this lifestyle by myself. It was nice to find a group. Now that I am actively involved, including serving as a Board member, I find this lifestyle to be easier than ever! More recently I’ve even begun practicing yoga and meditation. I am extremely grateful for a life free from medications and illness.

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