I grew up in a very loving, non-religious family in Portsmouth, VA, that gave me the spiritual freedom to explore. At the age of 25, my sister gave me a book titled “The Browder Files” by Anthony Browder, this was my first injection with Black Matter Consciousness. I moved to Washington D.C and became part of the Afrocentric movement and had the opportunity to meet accomplished scholars at the Association for the Study of Classical African Civilization (ASCAC) conferences. From this experience, I became an avid reader of African History. In 1993, I moved to Sacramento, and joined Wo’se Community Church where I met kindred spirits.


In 2010, I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and this concerned me because my mother died of a heart attack. Through Wo’se , I found out about African Americans for Balanced Health (AABH). Sabrina Hocker, the previous Chairperson, coached me on my first cleanse and towards making healthier food choices. This started my wholistic health journey. Today I am a student of herbs, the 9 systems of the body and once again connected to kindred spirits, the beautiful ones.



Damani Sukumu

Special Activities Coordinator


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